A2 Gir Cow Desi Ghee

    Triveni Organics 100% Authentic A2 Gir Cow Desi Ghee | Ancient Vedic Bilona Churning | Indian Desi Cow A2 Ghee | Improves Boost Immunity, Rich in Vitamins, etc | Lab certified



    • Holistic Health Harmony with A2 Brilliance: Elevate your well-being with Kasutam’s A2 Ghee, meticulously crafted through the ancient Bilona Method. Rich in A2 beta-casein protein, it offers not just a culinary delight but a potential boost to digestive wellness.
    • Nutrient-Rich Marvel from Bilona Craftsmanship: Immerse yourself in the richness of essential nutrients preserved by the Bilona Method in our A2 Ghee. An exquisite blend of health and tradition, it transforms everyday cooking into a nutritional experience.
    • Empowering Desi Cow Seva with Every Jar: Make a meaningful choice by supporting desi cow seva with our Bilona Cow Ghee. Crafted from the pure milk of indigenous Gir cows, each purchase contributes to the well-being of these sacred animals.
    • Culinary Versatility Meets Bilona Tradition: Embrace the golden touch of Desi Cow Ghee, not just as a cooking essential but a symbol of culinary heritage. With the Bilona Method, our ghee becomes a versatile companion, adding a distinctive flavor to your every creation.
    • Confidence in Tradition, Delight in Flavor: Trust in the tradition of Bilona crafting with our A2 Ghee. Beyond culinary confidence, experience the joy of authentic flavors as you integrate the essence of centuries-old craftsmanship into your modern kitchen.


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