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    Triveni Organics Premium Dhooni Kanda For Pujan & Religious Purpose With Hawan Samagri, Camphor Tablets, Desi Gobar ke Uple for Hawan:- Cow Dung Cake (Set of 11 Piece)

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    • Traditional Fuel Source: Cow dung cakes, often referred to as “desi gobar ke uple,” have been used as a traditional and eco-friendly fuel source for Hawan ceremonies in many parts of India.
    • Purification Symbolism: Cow dung is considered pure in Hinduism and using it in Hawan signifies the purification of the environment and the offering of prayers to the deities.
    • Mixing with Hawan Samagri: Cow dung cakes are often placed as a base for the Hawan fire. They are mixed with Hawan Samagri, which is a blend of various herbs, grains, and other sacred materials, to create a sacred fire.
    • Camphor Tablets: Camphor tablets are also commonly used in Hawan ceremonies. They are ignited and placed in the Hawan fire to create a fragrant and purifying atmosphere.
    • Spiritual Significance: The use of cow dung cakes, Hawan Samagri, and camphor tablets in a Hawan ceremony symbolizes the offering of prayers, purification, and the creation of a sacred space for communication with deities and seeking blessings.

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