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    Triveni Organics Desi Cow Dung Sambrani Dhoop Cups for Pooja with Holder | Havan Cups for Pooja, Home & Festivals | Natural Guggal/Loban Dhoop Original(15 Cups + 1 Burner Plate)


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    Purifying Aroma: Sambrani dhoop cups are made from aromatic resins and emit a cleansing and pleasing fragrance when burned, purifying the environment during religious rituals.
    Cleansing Negative Energies: The fragrant smoke from Sambrani dhoop is believed to cleanse the surroundings, eliminating negative energies and promoting positivity and spiritual upliftment.
    Ideal for Havans: Sambrani dhoop cups are often used in Hawan ceremonies as part of the sacred fire, contributing to the sanctification and purification of the ritual space.
    Meditation and Devotion: Beyond rituals, Sambrani dhoop cups are also used for personal meditation and daily worship, enhancing the atmosphere and aiding in concentration and devotion.

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